Regarding the proposed cancellation of the second daily Amtrak train due to Canadian Border Services.

You can make a difference by sending a brief email or letter to one of the following people to make it known that the CBSA should back down on their proposed charge of $500,000 on Amtrak.

You may want to mention:

  • The economic benefits of the second train service.
  • The importance of this train to US federal government decisions to invest additional rail infrastructure right up to the border.  “This isn’t just about a hundred people riding the train a day, but potential investment of 100’s of millions of dollars”
  • The pilot project was a success with more than the CBSA benchmark of 60 riders per day on the train

You can contact the following people:

Federal Ministers

Opposition Critics

Provincial Politicians

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Please send your letter for free (no postage necessary), to any MP to the following address (NO POSTAGE NEEDED):

House of Commons
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