Pro-trolleybus resolutions of Vancouver City Council

Vancouver City Council has passed a number of motions supporting the use of trolley buses, rather than diesel buses, on major bus routes in the city. A number of these motions, or excerpts from them if they were part of larger resolutions, are presented below along with the date they were passed.

July 8, 1997

THAT BC Transit be requested to return trolleys to Robson Street now that the City has resolved the delay problem as previously requested by Transit.

March 25, 1997

A. THAT in the absence of proven alternate fuel technology, BC Transit, while conducting their review process for new technologies, including European technology, acquire replacement trolley vehicles to both maintain and augment transit service on existing routes in Vancouver.

B. THAT BC Transit continue its research of quiet, alternatively fuelled vehicles, for consideration on new routes and express service applications in Vancouver, with the understanding Council's preference is an expanded trolley system where feasible.

C. THAT BC Transit be requested to come back to Committee to discuss specifically the change over from trolley to diesel buses on certain city routes due to traffic problems.

February 18, 1997

MOVED by Cllr. Price,

SECONDED by Cllr. Chiavario,

AND WHEREAS the City of Vancouver has committed itself to develop transit-oriented and friendly communities, as called for in both City Plan and the GVRD Strategic Plan;

AND WHEREAS the Central Area of Vancouver has already achieved the densities needed to support cost-effective transit service.Indeed, there is significant excess demand over what is being currently provided, as reflected in saturated peak-period use and significant increases in off-peak patronage;

AND WHEREAS City Council has repeatedly called for BC Transit to provide a Downtown loop and for a new transit route along Pacific Boulevard;

AND WHEREAS BC Transit has announced its commitment to a Downtown Loop and Pacific Boulevard service, including an extension of the trolley lines to provide for loop service;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT City Council express its strong support for the new Downtown services, and that we send a letter of appreciation to BC Transit;

AND THAT City Council notes the necessity to maintain and expand the electric-trolley system - a quiet, environmentally sound mode of transport that comprises an important part of this City's heritage;

AND THAT the City work with BC Transit to improve the reliability and efficiency of this service.

February 22, 1996

THAT BC Transit be asked to consider a West End routing that includes a Davie, Denman, Robson and Homer/Richards or Pacific Boulevard loop trolley service.

April 21, 1994

THAT B.C. Transit be requested to use electrified trolleys, as much as possible, on West End routes.

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