On November 15, 1995, an implementation strategy for an LRT (light rail transit) system connecting the Western Communities (Colwood and Langford) to Downtown Victoria was announced by the Provincial Government.

Phase one is a corridor evaluation study which will:

  • Identify the preferred alignment for an LRT line from the Western Communities to Downtown Victoria.
  • Identify the location of stations along the preferred LRT alignment.
  • Estimate the ridership and costs of the preferred system.

This corridor evaluation will make it easier to protect the right-of-way and undertake effective planning for other types of transportation. It will also assist municipalities in co-ordinating land use and transportation plans in future developments.

Alignment options

Outer section - Langford/Colwood

  • the CN/Galloping Goose corridor
  • the E&N right-of-way
  • the potential on-street alignments within the community.

Middle section - View Royal/Esquimalt

  • the CN corridor parallel to the Trans-Canada to Town & Country
  • the E&N right-of-way

Inner section - Saanich/Victoria

  • the CN corridor through Victoria West to downtown
  • the on-street alignments via Douglas and/or Government to downtown from Town & Country
  • a waterfront alignment from Cecilia Ravine to downtown via Gorge or Bay to Government or Douglas
Jim Ramsay
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