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Membership in Transport Action British Columbia is open to everyone who subscribes to our beliefs, including transit users, consumers, municipal, provincial and federal agencies and departments, labour unions, companies and interest groups.  Membership of Transport Action British Columbia automatically includes membership of Transport Action Canada, our national organization.

Membership imparts voting rights at meetings of Transport Action British Columbia and participation rights on committees or on the Board of Directors.  Members receive subscriptions to our newsletters and also receive periodic email messages on topics of interest.

Members are also welcome to contribute to our work including:

  • Writing articles for our website
  • Advising on and assisting with advocacy matters
  • Web and social media tasks
  • Community engagement

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Membership of Transport Action BC is open to everyone who believes in building a better public transportation system.
Our work is made possible by members like you.

There are several ways to join Transport Action British Columbia:

Completing the online registration form and payment is the fastest way to join. Once your payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email and be instantly registered as a member of Transport Action BC and Transport Action Canada.

You can also email us at info@transportaction.ca and we will send you a Transport Action brochure and membership form by email or post, per your instructions.

Transport Action Canada and Transport Action British Columbia depend on ordinary people taking out memberships and sending in donations.  Without your support, Transport Action would not survive.  No one would get the consumer’s point of view.  Each year, Transport Action regularly makes news talking about issues such as urban transit, intercity passenger rail and bus, freight rail, rail safety and related environmental topics.

Encourage your friends to support, join and donate to Transport Action.