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BC Ferries’ FOI Legislation and Executive Compensation

BC Ferries CEO, David Hahn, says forcing the corporation to abide by provincial freedom-of-information legislation could cost $3 million annually, putting upward pressure on ferry fares. The change results from the provincially ordered Comptroller General’s report. That report also found that BC Ferries’ executive and directors’ compensation was much higher than for boards at BC Crown Corporations. BC Ferries’ directors’ compensation has been rolled-back but executive salaries, including Hahn’s $1 million annual salary, is grandfathered. Hahn stated that any changes to his compensation would lead to his resignation. He says BC Ferries is not a Crown Corporation, although it continues to receive $100 million in public subsidies, and needs its role as an independent organisation clarified.


About the Author

Rick Jelfs

Rick Jelfs is the Secretary of Transport Action BC

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