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Vancouver Island Rail


A while ago Transport Action sent in a letter of support to the Island Corridor Foundation (ICF). The ICF is a non-profit foundation that owns the railway on Vancouver Island connecting Victoria, Courtney, Nanaimo and Port Alberni. They are running a campaign to raise awareness to the critical need to upgrade the railway corridor. About $100 million is needed to upgrade the tracks to modern North American standards. This will enable improved freight service, more reliable VIA rail schedules and the introduction of commuter rail service in the Victoria area.

The BC government has recently announced a $500,000 study to detemine the viability of upgrading the line. The study will be completed during 2009.

Letter from ICF

On behalf of the ICF Board and the Leadership Coalition, I want to thank you so very much for your support for our campaign to upgrade the E&N Railway. We certainly appreciate the link to Transport Canada’s BC Website. It enables us to get even more public support which is the key to getting the attention of the Premier and his cabinet. We hope for a positive response soon, which will in turn unlock the federal funding that is available for railways in Canada.

We have so many goals to achieve once we can begin the upgrade, including our participation in an integrated public transportation strategy for Vancouver Island…one which also links us to the mainland in ways that make it practical and convenient for Islanders to use public transportation. Your help and interest is certainly noted and very much appreciated. Again, thank you.Sincerely,

Mary L. Ashley
Island Corridor Foundation

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