The Transport Action British Columbia AGM will be this Wednesday April 27th.

Location: Firehall Library, 1455 W. 10th Ave. Vancouver, BC

Time: 6PM sharp, room available at 5:45PM.

We are having a guest speaker, Stephen Rees (

After the talk we will be holding our AGM, and then a brief regular meeting.

Stephen’s topic: The transit/land use connection

Transportation is not desired for its own sake but in order to pursue other activities. Where we allow – or encourage – activity to take place determines the demand for transportation. Reducing the demand for motorised, personal transportation should be our first priority.

About Stephen Rees (from Stephen Rees’s blog)
I am a recusant transportation economist and regional planner, displaced from England by the abolition of the Greater London Council and a dislike of Thatcherism. Until March of 2004 I worked for the Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority on wide variety of policy issues. None of these have been solved since I left, and the region now seems to be likely to abandon its long established growth strategy altogether, as the province is determined to expand its major freeway. I have long advocated more sensible policies to better integrate transport and land use.