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Victoria Working Group

Special Post by Victoria Member Rob Thompson

I am interested in working with a small group of people here in Greater Victoria to improve existing BC Transit bus service in Victoria. The current service is basic at best, and too often, pitiful. Only those who have no other option take transit here. My intention is to work to improve transit so that it is a desirable, competitive and viable transportation option for more people.

Over the last year, I have been talking to transportation-interested people about improving BC Transit service, doing research, documenting, and drafting ideas.

I would now like to approach BC Transit as Transport Action Canada – Victoria, starting with two basic proposals: a) for BC Transit to set up a citizen liaison committee as part of BC Transit’s Victoria Regional Transit Commission, and b) to display basic bus information at every bus stop, including route numbers, schedules and small route maps [currently many bus stops simply say ‘Bus Stop’ and have no other information].

I’ll send a draft of the letter/presentation of the above proposals to the Transport Action Canada – BC board for input and approval before any action.

If you have any general ideas and input at this point, I’d be happy to hear.

Rob Thompson


If anyone in Victoria or elsewhere on Vancouver Island wants to help please contact Transport Action BC, and we’ll put you in touch with Rob.


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