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TransLink Annual General Meeting (for 2009)

The Vancouver Courier reported on TransLink’s 2009 annual general meeting , held aboard the organisation’s newest SeaBus, MV Burrard Pacific Breeze. For 2009, TransLink reported 188,000,000 revenue passengers (8,000,000 more than 2008) and a $67.3 million deficit on an operating budget of $1,250 million. It stated the $130 million funding increase approved by the Mayors’ Council does not allow major transit service improvement for 2010. However, service will be fine-tuned for greater efficiency; resources could be moved from poor performing routes to those requiring more service. A hiring freeze, eliminating staff and executive positions will reduce administrative costs but fuel and maintenance costs and increased use of discount passes are affecting the organisation’s finances. Vancouver city councillors, Geoff Meggs and David Cadman, provided their take on TransLink funding, essentially stating it is a provincial problem


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Rick Jelfs is the Secretary of Transport Action BC

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