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Hopes for improved Vancouver Island Rail

The  Island Corridor Foundation which owns the former Esquimalt and Nanaimo railway on Vancouver Island has put forth a new plan to rehabilitate the track between Nanaimo and Victoria, switch the terminus from Victoria to Nanaimo and add additional VIA service to the line.

You can read more about the service plan on their page. This is  a less ambitious plan than a few years ago, but it would be a vital first step to revitalising the railway and increase the patronage on the trains. The plan would introduce an early morning run from Nanaimo in the morning appealing to commuters before the traditional departure from Nanaimo, up island to Courtenay. In the afternoon the train would arrive back in Victoria in time for take the Victoria commuters back to Langford, Duncan and as far as Nanaimo. They are asking for the federal and provincial governments to put in $15 million each. They point out that there has already been $30 million in investment around and along the corridor including $4 million in ties, signals, and ballast, a new bus exchange at the Langford station, new Admirals Road crossing, 2 new rail and bike bridges, and a rebuilt Nanaimo train station.

Transport Action BC supports this plan and encourages members and the public to show their support by contacting the BC Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Transport, and politicians in charge. The Island Corridor Foundation has put together a list of people to contact.


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