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Transport Action BC Summary of 2012

Here are some of the issues we talked about at our meetings this year, what we focused on as a group, good news for public transport in BC this year, and some setbacks.

Transport Action BC Activities

  • We are opposing the City of Vancouver’s plan to permanently close Robson St (aka Block 51) between Hornby St and Howe St. This will negatively affect the #5 Robson trolleybus due to a circuitous re-route that leads to slower connections with the rest of the network. See our post on this topic.
  • We contributed $1000 of our funds to the National Dream Renewed Campaign. A series of town hall meetings regarding the future of inter-city passenger rail has been occurring successfully in Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in the fall. Similar meetings are planned for the West in spring 2013. Stay tuned for more details.
  • We oppose a 6 lane replacement of the Pattullo Bridge. We feel that there is excess capacity on the SkyBridge and more traffic lanes in New Westminster are not a solution.
  • Transport Action BC is concerned with service on the 3-year-old Canada Line.

Good News

  • The Grand Forks Railway, under threat of abandonment, will continue in service. Shippers have agreed to maintain 2 trains per week.
  • Federal and provincial bridge inspection funds for the Island Corridor Foundation required all Regional Districts agree to pay for any necessary bridge upgrades; All Regional District’s agreed. The foundation expects work to start in spring 2013

Bad News

  • VIA Rail Canada has reduced service on many routes across Canada this year. In the west, the thrice-weekly Canadian has been reduced to twice-weekly from October to May.
  • Continuing mudslides on the Amtrak Cascades corridor, especially between Everett and Seattle are causing service disruptions. BNSF embargoes in-service passenger trains for 48 hours even though other trains can proceed.
  • Greyhound has cut bus service throughout BC this year. Communities are losing their connections.

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